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Open for Submission EARLY YEARS PROJECT #2 An initiative to foster next-generation artists

Date : 17 July - 03 September 2017

Organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Call for submissions
The Exhibition Department of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) hereby presents the Early Years Project – An Incubating Project for Young Artists to take solid steps in producing creative works and establish a healthy and sustainable development.
This year, the Early Years Project #2 continues its mission and calls for a new batch of submissions from next-generation artists during 17 July – 3 September 2017. Eight qualified artists will be selected to join the Project during 30 November 2017 – 11 March 2018, after which they will present their works and details of their respective creative processes that show the development of such works on the 7th Floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, and also take part in workshops, seminars, or other special activities of the project held during said period to build upon their knowledge and expertise as fledging artists.
Following the project’s conclusion, the panel of judges will select one outstanding work from the artists’ presentations and projects as the winner of one Mobility Funding and one Artist Residency scholarship.
Technological advancements and the free flow of information have driven society to grow and develop in new directions. In response to today’s societal changes, the Early Years Project thus attempts to support young artists with the emphasis on cultivating their potential and building up their knowledge, skills, expertise, and capability to create new works of art that fit in with their careers – both domestically and internationally. This includes the creative and production processes, public displays, analysis and discussion on interpretation, collaborative work with artists’ networks or related parties such as curators, critics, and scholars in studying their works, which then reveals lines of thought or concepts that are of interest to young artists. Another key principle is to lay the network foundation of artists’ collaborative efforts on both personal and organizational levels by means of assimilating techniques and knowledge bases across various schools of arts in order to offer artists an opportunity to learn, develop, and sustain themselves from artistic, business, and public service standpoints. The project also aims to accomplish in research, artistic interpretation, reevaluation of perspectives, and encouragement of conversations across multiple schools of art – all of which are geared towards the development of young artists into quality talents capable of elevating their art forms.
Project details
The project selects 8 qualified artists from all candidates to participate in the project. Each will be asked to demonstrate their unique creative processes and development while producing their work on the 7th Floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. The venue will be served as both an exhibition space and concept developing space, allowing the artists to completely exhibit their creative processes to the public from 30 November 2017 to 30 January 2018. The completed works will be displayed and available for the public until 12 March 2018.
While producing their art works, artists will be able to select their own mentors who will advise them on their works and collaborate with the staff throughout the project. Before the project reaches its conclusion, the panel of judges will select two outstanding works to be awarded two scholarships, which are one Artist Residency and one Mobility Funding scholarship. The selection criteria include artist’s presentation and portfolio, the impact of their work, the communication efficacy the public, all of which should bear testament to how the artists develop their knowledge and expertise in the project. 
Early Years Project aims to promote and develop professional opportunities for next-generation artists. It’s advisable for all participated artists to engage in all of the activities which will be carried out alongside the artists’ production processes, among which are the Critic Session, an activity that aims to promote the artists’ capability of developing techniques and expertise on a professional level. Critic session is comprised of developing the artists’ self-promotion and artwork presentation, educating and promoting the artists’ understanding of the artistic world’s boundary and mechanism, concepts and various school of arts, and connecting to a professional network through collaborative works with artists’ networks.  
Programme supports 
1) Provision of an exhibition venue and an opportunity in self-presentation to a large-scale public audience
2) Funding:
8 funding to support the selected artists’ creation
One mobility funding scholarship
One artist residency scholarship
3) An incubative activity for artists to develop the knowledge, expertise, experience, and vision befitting a professional artist
4) “Critic Session” and “Mentoring Process” activities designed to develop the artists’ work through analytical discussion with curators, fellow artists, and scholars as a mean to explore artistic viewpoints in accordance with the rules and principles of art from the aspects of aesthetics, social science, and other subjects
5) A network foundation to support the movement of post-project artists through domestic and international collaboration
Definition of “Contemporary” work
Contemporary work refers to any work of art with a viewpoint in relation to culture, society, and conceptual diversity within the same period, which does not merely signify a referential viewpoint upon which a creation is presented and responds to an immediate point in time, but also refer to a continuity or a transformation of concepts, materials, and contextual criticism that denotes adherence or deviation from the traditional boundary. The work can be a re-interpretation of history that leads to a creative discourse or a presentation of new hypotheses based on the old ones, an introduction of new values from old contexts within the confinement of contemporary period, and the perceived contemporariness of the discussion based on the context of interregional movement.
17 July 2017: Open for submissions
3 September 2017: End of submission period
4-10 September 2017: Consideration of submissions
11-21 September 2017: Interview and selection of works in the semi-final period
22-24 September 2017: Meeting of the panel of judges and selection of artists in the final period
25 September 2017: Announcement of 8 participating works
26 September-19 November 2017: Art work creation and participation in the project’s activities
30 November 2017: Exhibition and creative venue opening***
11 March 2018: Announcement of two winning works for artist residency and mobility funding scholarships
***As the project highly emphasizes learning process and development, the exhibition’s public opening will involve the artists’ uninterrupted creative processes and development on the venue until 30 January 2018, which marks the 100% completion of the creation. 
Participating artists must fit the following criteria:
1) Of Thai birth and nationality; must currently reside in Thailand
2) 23 – 40 years of age
3) Have not had their works displayed in an international exhibition
4) Have created works based on contemporary discipline or other creative branches that primarily involve art
5) Able to take part in the project as well as related activities from26 September 2017 – 11 March 2018. Following the project’s conclusion, scholarship winners can extend their stay for at least one month
***For submissions created by more than one artist or a collective, the group or collective in question must have had at least three years of collaborative experience.
Eligible works
This second annual iteration of the Early Years Project is open to submissions of all artwork types, including but not limited to:
Paintings, sculptures, prints, mixed media
Technological media, sound arts, film arts, and photography
Area-based art and/or artistic performance
Multidisciplinary arts
Participation arts and social arts
How to apply
1) Submit the application form
Applicants are required to fill in the form with accurate and complete name and surname, address, and various requisite information
2) Submit CV and 3 examples of past works. Maximum file size 2 MB
3) Enclose a proposal about the project intended to be carried for Early Years Project. Maximum file size 8 MB. The proposal should contain the following information: 
Title and concept (within one A4 paper)
Prototype sketch or photograph of the piece
Plan for presentation of artistic conception and creative process especially created for the Early Years Project, including display format details and information related to creation showcasing on the 7th Floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Proposal of the thorough expenses plan in support of the creation based on a budget of 70,000 Baht
Other financial support plan from other sponsors (if necessary)
4) Submit a 1-minute video clip about you and your proposed work. Maximum size 5 MB. The file should be in mpeg or mpg and mp4 format
5) All requisite information will be submitted through the online application form which includes a) Complete application form with answers to questions b) CV and 3 past works c) Project proposal for Early Years Project and d) Video clip about you and your proposed work which can be uploaded to an online storage service with provided link, or attached to the application form.
Click Here (https://form.jotform.me/71964904377468) to fill in the application form
***Applicants are restricted to submitting one piece of work per applicant. The applicants must be the rightful owner of the creation and its concept, which have never been publically displayed, created, or submitted to other projects.
***In case of collective work, all project members must be listed along with details of each member’s responsibility
Evaluation and selection of prize winners
The evaluation is done at the end of two phases; In the first phase, the evaluation is done to shortlist 8 qualified artists based on their CVs, past works, quality of the proposal, work presentation and communication skills. The second phase involves the post-evaluation of the artists’ performance after completing the works and project presentation. The winners will be granted a mobility fund scholarship or an artist residency scholarship. Each artist is encouraged to highlight the quality of their work in every step of the creative processes. The evaluation is based on the following qualities:
1) Potentiality– Ability to display of one’s potential as a next-generation and professional artist, and an ability to introduce concept, practice, and present their work in a unique manner.
2) Relevance – Presentation of concepts that concern contemporary art or the connection between art and modern society – including the application of skills, formats, and ideas that are considered timely in the current context
3) Public Access– Understanding of awareness, behaviors, ideas, influence, and impact of art on various matters as part of the interaction between art and its audience, society, and the public at large; including works that reflect the society, and artistic expression that is clear cut in its communication to the audience
4) Criticality/Self-Criticality– Ability to communicate in such a way that exhibits critical thinking, connection between themes and the work, and the artist’s receptive attitude towards debate, study, and critical discussion of said work from various perspectives and methods
5) Practicality/Execution– Ability to display the artist’s execution capability based on the practicality of one’s approach to creative process that reflects professionalism, from project proposal writing to work, space, time, and financial management.
Announcement of chosen participants
Artists chosen to take part in the project will be notified via phone, email, BACC website (www.bacc.or.th), and the official Facebook page baccpage (www.facebook.com/baccpage) on 25 September 2017. The two winning works on the last day of the project will be announced on 11 March 2018.
The Early Years Project #2 is operated by the Exhibition Department of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.
For more information, please contact:
Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
939 Rama I Rd., Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel. 02 214 6630 – 8 ext.531

About Early Years Project
An initiative conceived to foster the talents of fledgling artists, the program selects participating works from a range of public submissions with the goal of igniting the careers of young artists with effective opportunities to create in Thailand and overseas. The project’s long-term goal is to develop a support base for one generation of artists for a certain period of time while also offering artists of various origins and styles the opportunity to learn new skills and build experience that will feed into their growth as artists. The project’s activities cover opportunities to create new works of art, display said works, attend an incubative activity, exchange experiences, and develop creative processes and works through analyses and criticisms from various perspectives. The project also offers supports both in the form of scholarships, one for Artist Residency and one for Mobility Funding, and the foundation of Young Artists Network for career movement.
About Artist Residency Funding
Artist Residency Funding is given to a promising artist and creation that reflects capability with the following condition: staying and working overseas for at least one month within a specified venue suitable to the art style and interest of such artist. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage a creative process that reflects the context of localized art, the experiment of working in a different environment, and the contextual transition from domestic into international. Artist Residency Scholarship enhances the capability of an oversea artist, with culture as the connecting bridge between artistic creation and other social contexts, as well as creation of opportunities for personal and professional development.
About Mobility Funding
Mobility Funding is a scholarship for the artist travelling overseas, and comes in two forms: one, an existing project and an itinerary set within the scholarship duration (One year duration, starting from the date of receiving the scholarship) for research project exhibition or art excursion, or two, a travel plan to visit international art sources (Art Biennale, Art Festival, Art Fair), venues, studios, museums, and galleries. The purpose of this scholarship is to introduce artists into the international boundary and movement of art and artists, broaden their professional visions, creating experience, knowledge, and understanding of comparative quality and standard, along with building a crucial foundation for future movement.
About the Art Surviving in the Arts (Silpyupen)
The Art Surviving in the Arts is an incubative activity in the Early Years Project operated by the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and conceived from the idea of supporting and educating young artists about the various systems and structures of the artistic world and its creation that is always developing and ever-changing. This incubative activity comprises of building upon the artists’ professional knowledge, expertise, and vision, developing their capability through workshops, discussions, narrations and exchanges of perspectives and experiences with people from various fields of work, and also introducing them to the network and mechanism of the artistic world. The purpose behind the Arts Surviving in the Arts is to incubate and develop the artists’ careers on the fulcrum of diversity and professional movement, and to give directions for the enhancement and development of support projects and elements that concern young artists.



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