DOC+TALK#4 :A Young Patriot

Date : 27 November 2016
Location: Auditorium, 5th floor

By Airpay Wallet App., BACC and Documentary Club
14.00 – 20.00 hrs.

Airpay Wallet App., BACC and Documentary Club proudly present "DOC+TALK", a series of selected documentary by the Documentary Club with post-screening talk, only at BACC.
A Young Patriot follows the life experiences of a post-90s young Chinese man, Zhao Changtong, known as Xiao Zhao, from his senior year in high school all the way to the end of his sophomore year in college. The documentary starts with Zhao Changtong as a 19-year-old boy waving China’s flag and shouting the slogan, “Long live China! Go China” in the streets of Pingyao, the ancient town in the Shanxi province. Then it shows Zhao Changtong as a college student attending school in Chengdu in the Sichuan province and going through the two big experiences of college life: joining the student union, and falling in love. We then follow him as a volunteer teacher in the Liangshan Yi autonomous region, and ultimately back at his hometown hopelessly witnessing the demolition of his family home.
A Young Patriot records the raw journey of a young man who encounters an emotional and ideological change as he matures during his awakening of the world and the environment around him. In this transition period of change, we witness the restlessness and disturbance the Chinese society is currently undergoing. Through Zhao Changtong, we realize the living conditions of today’s young people in China, what they are thinking about, and how they react to the ever-changing environment.
Sunday 27 November 2016 at Auditorium, 5th Floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
- There are two screenings (both are in English with Thai subtitles) start at 14.00 hrs. and 16.00 hrs. Please notify us the one you want upon purchasing.
- The post-screening talk (in Thai) starts at 18.00 hrs.
Admission fee: 100 THB
Advance Tickets :
> please kindly remit the payment to the Bank Account (ThidaPlitpholkarnpim / Kasikorn Thai Bank / No. 799-2-21364-3)
> Then send the proof of payment to documentaryclubthai@gmail.com. Upon receipt of payment, we will send you the confirmation email and you can collect a ticket at the reception desk from 13.00 hrs. 
For more information please go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/2154643154760321



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