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The 2nd Photo Exhibition "Humans of Flower Market"

Date : 01 August 2016 - 14 August 2016
Location: Curved Wall, 5th floor

The collection of expressions of the local people on the street flower market “Pak Khlong Talad” before it is relocated. This exhibition is a part of assignments required in completing credits in the subject of “Conservation of Vernacular Architecture and Community Development, as a part of MA. and Ph.D. in Vernacular Architecture, Silpakorn University.
The objective is to raise questions necessary to help shaping the government plan to relocate this famous great old flower market. Situated in down-town Bangkok, this market holding significant of national level, therefore it is important to realize the complexity and diversity of the way of life in, which has several facets, not only trades, but also culture, and tourism. We therefore conduct a survey and observation to study the social ecology around the “Pak Khlong Talad” market.
As an observer, we believe that trying to understand the context of the neighborhood is so important, before any concrete development plan could take place.
The photos with descriptions depicting the people living and working in Pak Khlong Talad before relocation to the surrounding area.
Time of observation and photo capturing: 5 February -31March 2016
The project is a part of MA. and Ph.D. in Vernacular Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University.
Working Team: Dejpong Jitpong, Paanthanwa Pattanakulchai, Chanhthanom Soukhaseum, Prinya Mruksirisuk, Santi kamonnarakit, Sasamon Rattanalangkarn (Photographer)
Team Advisors: Assistant Professor Dr.Supitcha Tovivich, Dr.Kriengkrai Kirdsiri, Associate Professor Chinasak Tandikul



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