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The 2nd BACC Art Talk 2016: “Art - a tool towards social sustainability”

Date : 12 June 2016
Location: Multi-function Room, 1st floor

Time: 14.00-16.00 hrs.

Conducted by  
1. Boonchai Suksuriyayothin 
2. Thanaboon Somboon
3. Wichada Nareuworapat 
Art is a beauty born out of human creativity. It offers us both tangible and intangible benefits, which permeates every facet of our lives. Things which are often overlooked and ignored by the public, such as clothes, accommodation, and food, are all connected to art. Art uplifts the hearts of people and gives us an aesthetic appreciation.
In this world of speed where news, knowledge and information travel farther and quicker than ever before, the lives of people have become more complex and diverse. We have become interested in how to elevate the quality of our lives and are taught the skills needed to survive the emerging scenarios of the future. Witnessing this change, art shifts its role and increasingly addresses the needs of actual social practice, particularly in commercial business, from product development, and product design to the circumstances in which art becomes a value-added attribute. With this emerging recognition, a number of prosocial entrepreneurs have established businesses which focus on social sustainability. Their intention has been to combine the practice of art and social responsibility together. Not only is art a tool that truly addresses people’s needs, it also has an inherent social and financial value. 
Bangkok Art & Culture Center is proud to invite you to the second BACC Art Talk 2016 on Sunday, 12 June 2016 from 14.00-16.00 in the Multipurpose Room, 1st floor. The talk will focus on the role of art and social engagement and the three prosocial entrepreneurs will share their ideas on the connections between art and social responsibility. Participants will hear insightful information on the combination of these distinct fields within the discourse of sustainable development. 
*** Open to all attendees free of charge
*** The Seminar will be in thai.
*** For reservations and additional information, please contact: 
Education Department – Tel. 02-214-6630-8 ext. 519 / Email: education@bacc.or.th
Boonchai Suksuriyayothin 
Boonchai Suksuriyayothin, or Yod, has been in the media advertising business for more than 17 years. He was the creative director of a leading advertising agency until the great flood hit Bangkok in 2011. “How could we live together without contributing anything to society?”, he asked himself. Yod quit the position that year, stopped using creativity for the benefit of the agency and started to work for the benefit of society. He founded a pro-social creative agency called Choojai and Friends which aims to address social issues through creativity while still providing him a sufficient income on which to live.
Yod is also the author of Heart Sell! Help! My heart skips a beat when I see this business. His book inspired readers through his story on how to be successful in business and be helpful to society. The book also explores the meaning of life. For more information on other books written by Yod, visit facebook.com/yodwriter
Thanaboon Somboon
Thanaboon Somboon, or S, is the founder of CreativeMOVE, an agency that provides creative solutions for social innovation. As a former fashion and advertising photographer with outstanding works both in Thailand and overseas, S knew that he could use his skills for the benefit of the greater good. Quitting his job and adopting a Creative Director position at CreativeMOVE, S uses his creativity, art and design skills to create innovative solutions that address social issues. His works include sets of infographics on particular social activities, and social movement campaigns which are easily accessible by the public. He also writes and shares articles on social innovations that have inspired his members to act for the betterment of society via social media. S appreciates that social media is an effective channel that can quickly change society into a more positive world, especially when people today are more engaged by innovative, creative, concise and rapidly-digestible content. Recently, CreativeMOVE was listed in GOOD Magazine’s top 100 agencies that have creatively influenced the world; Thanaboon is also recognised as an Innovation Hub Builder.



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