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Creative Industries East & West Go Sustainable Business Green Cycles Symposium

Date : 11 May 2016 - 12 May 2016
Location: Multi-function Room, 1st floor

11 May 2016 (16.00 - 18.00 hrs.) / 12 May 2016 ( 10.00 - 19.00 hrs.)

Simultaneous translation in English and Thai
Registration requested
Free Entry.
In 2016 the well-established symposium "GREEN CYCLES – Corporate Social Responsibility in the Textile Cycles" from Hamburg takes place in Bangkok for the first time.
The Bangkok symposium focuses on the interrelationships between creative industries and sustainable business options. It will explore the connectivity of creative design, textile ecology, applied sustainability and business.
Company concepts, college projects in cooperation with industry, community projects, as well as local wisdom of particular hill-tribes and other indigenous groups of Southeast Asia across national borders will partake in highlighting the complexities in achieving wider sustainability in textiles, clothing and fashion between crafts and industry. Ecological aspects and the requirements for ethically correct working conditions will be expanded with the more overriding issues of visionary approaches in developing strategies to connect design and production with economic prospects.  
In its first section, the symposium will deal with aspects of technology and management in the area of materials and clothing. The second section will look at local business options for community crafts. In the third section, four case studies from Thailand, Germany and Vietnam will present their solutions as sustainable CSR business models. Experts, professionals and representatives of the textile business community from Germany and Southeast Asia meet in Bangkok to share their concepts, experiences and visions of creativity and sustainability in the textile cycles.
GREEN CYCLES is addressing students, teaching staff, professionals and an interested public. It serves as a platform for learning, exchange and networking. GREEN CYCLES is the opening event of the regional textile project "IKAT/ eCUT - Textiles in Tradition, Technology, Art and Design" hosted by the Goethe-Institutes of Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand in 2016/2017. This project explores the role and function of textiles in tradition and future.
More Information:
Cultural programme department, Goethe-Institut Thailand
Tel: +66 2 108 8231/2



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