Si Ti Kay

Date : 11 December 2015 - 20 December 2015
Location: Studio, 4th floor

11-13 and 18-20 December  2015

An interdisciplinary physical theatre performance by Noor Effendy Ibrahim (Singapore)
In the beginning, god created despair, for man to find hope within. I know I have heard someone say this somewhere before sometime back, but I’m not too sure who, when and where. It must have been god herself who had said this through some men. I mean, who else could be that smart to tease men into such futility other than god herself. So there you have it. And here I find myself being teased into my own despair, holding on to too much faith, knowing that hope for me lies deep within. Gingerly, I slide a finger in, resting, probing. Somehow sensing the despair within feels warmer, softer, safer, I slide in another finger, followed by my thumb. But reason suddenly makes me pull both fingers out almost instantaneously, reason that too often leads to greater despair. I am confused. My thumb is still inside. 



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