Art Exhibition “Desire” (extend showing period)

Date : 04 July 2015 - 31 July 2015
Location: People's Gallery P3, 2nd floor

By Chayanin Kwangkaew
Opening ceremony on Friday 3 July 2015 at 18.30 hrs.

Materialism, values, trends, and media in society have a direct impact on human’s way of life. Our lives are motivated by the modern media with hidden agendas on profusions that value materials over morals. Today media are easily accessed and perceived. It can effortlessly manipulate us, makes us yearn for something that is not needed and take us to an endlessly craving and infatuating state. Human desires are infinite. Lust is thus compared as awaiting need standing by for the inner urge to rise again. Social values cannot be dismissively judged whether it is good or bad. It needs to be considered with one’s conduct and intellect. This consideration will be the rectifier of quality of life and raise questions for daily behaviour in our lives. This series of paintings titled “Desire” can be compared as a coin that has two sides displaying the opposite states of mind, curiosity and doubts within the existing conflict.



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