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One of the main goals of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) is to support and promote all artists both established and upcoming and to provide spaces for all kind of art exhibitions. Due to the limited space of BACC’s main galleries, the People’s Gallery project was initiated in 2012 to help providing alternative spaces for exhibitions that are successfully selected through the open call. People’s Gallery consists of three rooms in the artHub area on the second floor of BACC. Objective
    1. To provide spaces for all kind of art exhibitions
    2. To promote diverse art exhibitions to general public                                                           
    3. To facilitate and provide standardised guidance for exhibitions  
    4. To publicise and implement Bangkok Art and Culture Centre’s art projects to general public

    1. The annual call for proposal for People’s Gallery begins in January. Interesting applicant can download the application form in January and submit the proposal from 1 - 31 March. They can submit the proposal at BACC’s Office on the 6th floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on Tuesday - Saturday from 10.00 – 18.00 hrs. or by post (please put (For People’s Gallery) on the envelop) to; 
    Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
    939 Rama 1 Road, Wnagmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
    2. Successful proposals will be selected by a committee of experts appointed by People’s Gallery.
    3. Successful proposals will be announced on www.bacc.or.th in May. 
    4. People’s Gallery will officially notify the successful applicants in written. 
    5. Unsuccessful applicants can ask for the return of their proposals at BACC’s Office on the 6th floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre from Tuesday to Saturday at 10.00 - 18.00 hrs. from June to August of the submitted year (please arrange in advance). Unsuccessful applicants can submit new or revised proposal next year.

Required documents for exhibition proposal;
    1. People’s Gallery’s application form
    2. Artist’s resume
    3. A hardcopy proposal with coloured images (A4 size)
    4. CD containing all photographs of the proposed exhibition (in JPG file)
    5. Video clips (for Video Art exhibition)
    6. Programme of previous exhibition(if any) 

Remark: People’s Gallery reserves the right to only consider applications that follow our instructions and required documents. Failure to follow the instructions will invalidate your application. People’s Gallery reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Terms and conditions
    1. Submitted proposal must not contain any unlawful, inappropriate, offensive or obscene content or materials including racially, religiously and culturally offensive. 
    2. Artwork submitted for consideration must be works that the applicant originally created by themselves. They must not imitate, be an adaptation from other artists, or infringe the copyright of other people’s works. If such act is detected, the People’s Gallery’s committee reserves the right to disqualify the applicant and the applicant will not be permitted to submit another application for People’s Gallery for 3 years. If such act is detected or notified while the exhibition is on display, the BACC reserves the right to terminate the exhibition immediately and the exhibitor has no right to claim any compensation. The exhibitor must take full responsibility if the exhibited works are sued and/or prosecuted under any legal provisions.
    3. Approved exhibition must not be publicised before granted permission from People’s Gallery to ensure appropriate process and prevent any miscommunication. Failure to comply may result in termination of the exhibition.
    4. Approved exhibition will be displayed at People’s Gallery for no longer than 30 days including the set up and removal dates. 
    5. People’s Gallery’s costs are; 
        5.1 A damage deposit fee at 5,350 baht (inc. VAT 7%) for 1 room which will be fully refunded after the exhibition ends without any damage.
        5.2 If sale of artwork occurs during the exhibition period, there will be a 20% charge of the total sales amount as a supporting fund to BACC. 
    6. All artworks must be displayed throughout the exhibition planned period. Any sale items must be delivered only after the exhibition ends.
    7. All successful applicants must refrain from applying again for at least 2 years after the exhibition ends.
    8. The applicant is responsible for all the set up and removal costs. All processes must comply with People’s Gallery’s terms and conditions. The guidance for set up and removal will be sent to the applicant in advance along with a written agreement to use the space.
    9. Throughout the exhibition period, the applicant must assign an exhibition supervisor (at least 1 person per day) to look after the exhibition and provide information to the audience during BACC’s opening hours from Tuesday - Sunday at 10.00 - 20.00 hrs.

Guidance for exhibition’s set up and removal
    1. The dates for set up, exhibition period and removal will be assigned in the agreement letter. If the applicant wants to change any of these dates including the date for opening ceremony, please notify the staff in advance at least 15 days before the set up date.
    2. During the set up and removal period, all personnel must wear “Installation” badge at all time. Please exchange the badge with your ID card or passport at the Security Office on the 1st floor of BACC.  
    3. People’s Gallery will provide lightings for the exhibition. If the applicant wishes to add more lighting and/or use other lightings, the applicant is allowed to do so with his or her own arrangement and payment. Please notify the staff in advance at least 15 days before the set up date.
    4. The set up and removal must occur during the time and dates on the agreement. Any process of the set up or removal that creates loud noises must be done only after 20.00 hrs. Please notify the staff at least 3 days in advance.
    5. No drilling of the floor, pillars and ceiling of the room  
    6. Drilling and painting the walls are allowed but all holes and painted walls must be restored back to the original state after the exhibition.  
    7. Please submit the exhibition plan and schedule for set up and removal in advance as agreed. Any changes must be notified in advance. 
    8. The exhibition must be within the space inside the assigned exhibition room. The space outside the room is off limits. Any materials that could be deteriorated or cause strong and unpleasant smell or deemed dangerous are not allowed.
    9. No smoking and drinking during the set up and removal. There is a smoking area outside BACC building.
    10. Please dress appropriately and wear proper protections during the set up and removal. 
    11. The exhibition room and space must be restored back to the original state after the exhibition.  Any costs occurred from any damage to the space will be deducted from the damage deposit fee.

During the exhibition
    1. All artworks must be displayed throughout the exhibition planned period. Any sale items must be delivered only after the exhibition ends.
    2. The applicant must assign at least one exhibition supervisor per day throughout the exhibition period.
    3. People’s Gallery and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre will not be liable for any damage or loss of all the artworks.

Maintaining the exhibition
    1. The applicant must assign at least one exhibition supervisor per day throughout the exhibition period during BACC’s opening hours (Tuesday - Sunday at 10.00 - 20.00 hrs.) with these followings duties;
        1.1 Maintain the space and inspect all artworks every day. In case of any damage to the artwork, he or she must inform the artist and BACC’s Gallery staff right away
        1.2 Operate any equipment in the exhibition such as projector, DVD player or music player, etc.
        1.3 Collect audience’s statistic with People’s Gallery’s form
        1.4 Provide information about the exhibition and answer questions from the audience
        1.5 Sell the exhibition’s programme or souvenir (if any)
        1.6 Sell or book the artwork (if applicable)
    2. People’s Gallery will provide a table and chairs for the exhibition supervisor in front of the assigned exhibition room. Please keep the table area tidy and clean. 
    3. Please refrain from eating at the table and please place a break sign (provide by People’s Gallery) on the table during the break.
    4. The exhibition supervisor must dress appropriately. Please refrain from drinking alcohol at all time while on duty except during the opening ceremony.

Exhibition publications
    1. All exhibitions must produce poster, wall text and captions that comply with People’s Gallery’s guidance. 
    2. All design and artwork for exhibition publications must be approved in advance by People’s Gallery before producing.
    3. Exhibition’s programmes and souvenir can be sold during the exhibition period without any charge.

Promotional materials
    1. Please prepare the press release for the exhibition in both Thai and English and send it to People’s Gallery in advance as agreed.
    2. Please send all related information of the exhibition including photos, artworks and any other promotional materials to People’s Gallery for approval before releasing them.

Exhibition caption
    1. Please select only one size to be used for all captions in the exhibition (see examples below). 
    2. Details in the caption are as followings;
        2.1 Name of the artist (Thai and English)
        2.2 Title of the artwork
        2.3 Dimensions in centimetre (width x height x depth)
        2.4 Technique
        2.5 Year
        2.6 Collection of
    3. All captions must be in BACC’s official fonts; DIN, Dindan and DB soda X fonts.
    4. All text both Thai and English must be in black (for Thai black=100%, for English black=70%).
    5. The space from the top and the sides of the caption must be the same for all sizes; S, M, L (see examples).
    6. If all the text cannot fit in one caption, please make more caption piece as many as needed but all of them have to be in the same size. 
    7. Please use white Styrofoam for all captions 
    8. All captions must be placed at the same height from the floor.
    9. Please send all the captions’ artworks to People’s Gallery for approval at least 3 days before the set up date.

Caption (Size S)
9 x10 cm.

Caption (Size M)
10 x 21.5 cm.

Caption (Size L)
19 x 22.5 cm.

Exhibition poster
    1. People’s Gallery logo must be placed on the upper left corner of the poster unless the poster contains picture or portrait of any member of the Royal Family. In this case, People’s Gallery logo must be at the lower left corner as well as the name of the exhibition and other information. 
    2. All text must be in both Thai and English and contain these following information;
        2.1 Name of the exhibition
        2.2 Name of the artist
    3. Date, time and exhibition venue
    4. Contact number for inquiries
Note : No restriction on the font. Please send the artwork of the poster to People’s Gallery for approval before producing.

Opening ceremony
    1. Please inform People’s Gallery all the details on the opening ceremony of the exhibition including date, time, schedule, catering, number of guests, etc. in advance so that we can arrange and set up the space accordingly.
    2. The applicant is responsible for producing and sending invitation cards as well as contacting press. 
    3. The applicant is responsible for securing MC as well as managing registration and the ceremony. 
    4. Food and drink for the reception must be pre-cooked and ready to serve. No strong smell food.  
    5. Serving alcohol for students, government officers in uniform and minors who are under 18 years olds are prohibited. Moderate alcohol serving is advised.    
    6. The ceremony must be finished before 20.00 hrs. (BACC is closed at 20.00 hrs.).

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