bacc visions

“To be the art and culture centre that fosters diverse knowledge for a sustainable society and to be an internationally recognised organisation”


1.To act as a public space promoting both local and international arts and culture to the general public
2.To support creative processes with an aim to nurture new ideas and knowledge
3.To inspire imagination and promote arts and culture to the general public in order to drive Bangkok towards a well-balanced society
4.To improve local arts and cultural management standards so as to be up to international standards 
5.To facilitate and create environment enabling arts and cultural involvement from all sectors

Strategies in 2017

1. Showcasing cultural diversity through various activities in order to promote a tolerant and accepting society 
2. Implementing different arts activities with aims to expand and cultivate cultural development 
3.Inspiring creativity and imagination through arts and cultural activities to all audiences regardless of age or gender
4.Building up and maintaining international standards 
5.Promoting contemporary Thai arts and culture on a global stage 
6.Networking and connecting arts and cultural organisations with the goal of developing Thai arts and culture
7.Publicising values and the importance of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
8. Striving to become a more effective organisation by wisely managing all resources and funding


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