Gallery Rules

Photographing Regulations for Main Gallery, 7th – 9th floor of BACC exhibition

  • Taking photographs is allowed to exclude some art pieces with Do not take photograph sign.
  • The use of flash, tripod and selfie stick is prohibited.
  • Video recording is prohibited.
  • Photographs taken from bacc exhibition are for non-commercial use only.
  • If you would like to visit main galleries on 7th - 9th floor, please deposit luggage, backpack and umbrella in locker on 5th floor.
  • Please do not touch the works of art on display.
  • No food and drink are allowed in the main galleries.
  • Please respect the rights of other visitors to quiet contemplation and study.
  • Service dogs are welcome.
bacc staff has the right to work in a safe environment free from violence, abuse or threatening behavior. bacc reserves the right to refuse admittance or to remove any visitor who violates our rules and regulations from the exhibition area.

Guideline for Group Visit (for educational purpose):

At least 1 week prior to the visit date, please submit a request letter with the following details to : educationbacc@gmail.com

  1. Name of institute / organization
  2. Number of visitors
  3. Date and time
  4. Parking request for bus and van
  5. Purpose of your visit: To view the main exhibitions requesting docents, to interview bacc staff on the subject of museum management, building design, etc.
  6. Full name and contact details of contact person

On the visit date:

  1. Please contact Information Counter on the 5th floor
  2. For late arrival, please inform Education Department.

Please observe bacc Gallery Rules above.


Free entry to exhibitions, except for special events. Charge to concerts and plays will vary.

The space at bacc is divided into 2 sections:

The main gallery on the 7th, 8th, and 9th floor, displaying main exhibitions curated by bacc Exhibition Department and those curated collaborators.

Other exhibitions and shops are located as follows:

  • 6th floor – Friends of bacc room and Bangkok Art and Culture Foundation office
  • 5th floor -  Exhibition space on curved wall, Auditorium, meeting rooms, Information Counter, locker room, and bacc shop
  • 4th floor – Exhibition space on curved wall, Studio, meeting rooms, shops
  • 3rd floor – Exhibition space on curved wall, exit to Skywalk and BTS National Stadium, shops
  • 2nd floor – People’s Gallery, shops
  • 1st floor – Multi-function room, shops
  • L floor – bacc Art Library, exhibition hall

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