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Asiatopia 2015 : International Performance Art Festival

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Asiatopia 2015 : International Performance Art Festival

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1. Quebec Canada: Richard Martel ,Christian Messier
About artist
Christian Messier : Christian Messier live and work in Montreal, Canada. Betterknown for his performances, he has participante in évents in a dozen countries. He alsoappeared in Vancouver’sLiveBiennial, Viva! Art action in Montreal, the Biennale d’art performatif in Rouyn-Noranda, 7a*11din Toronto, the Manif d’art and two times at the Rencontre internationale d'art performance in Quebec City. His painting has been show at l’OEildepoisson, Galerie Verticale, Pan! Peinture—of whichhe’s a foundingmember—and, ,l’Écart, in Rouyn-Noranda and morerecently, at the Laroche/JoncasGallery. Messier isalso a foundingmember of the Webmagazine Punctum, whichcoversvisualartists in Quebec.
Richard Martel : was born in 1950 and he investigates visual art, poetry, and théory as he organize also in action art. He have presented his work particularly in performance in more than 40 countries, near 300 performances. He also produces in video and video installation. He is coordinator of the magazine INTER, art actual, the art space Le Lieu, centre en art actual and the festival named Rencontre internationale d’ art performance, all this in Québec city. He write and organize with the team of Éditions intervention and produce books and DVD. He is between art and poetry!
2. Xian China : Xiang Xishi,Wang Chuyu,Wang Mieng Feng,Qiao Shengxu,Su Baiwei
About artist
Xiang xishi : Xiang xishi is a painter, performance artist and independent curator. He graduated from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 1991. Since 2000, he started to mining and finishing studies in Xi'an contemporary art historical literature, and promote the comprehensive development of modern and contemporary art in Xi'an area, also the surrounding area appeared mining, sorting, research, promotion of various new Art style with the traditional art forms of intermediation and prosperity. He found Xiang Xishi Center For Contemporary Art(X-CFCA) in 2013, a non-profit organization for contemporary art.
Wang Chuyu : Wang Chuyu was born on 1974 in Shaanxi Province, China. Now he lives in Beijing, and working with art activity. He is also a co-founder and director of GUYU Action Contemporary Performance Art Festival, since 2007.
QiaoShengxu : QiaoShengxu an artist and curator, born in December 1974; now lives in Xi’an, China. the performance art goes beyond the limits of time, space, materials, and themes for its open, free and wisdom art forms. This new art form enriches the traditional art form and makes it possible to offer more artistic languages. For the artist himself, it is not only an expression method, but also a way of thinking, and a media connecting him with the outside world.”
Wang Mingfeng : In addition to performance art creations, he also teaching sculpture in the university. So he was concerned with the relationship between the body language and sculpture language, emphasizing the poetic expression of the body. "When I to do performance art, I attempts to discovering and understanding the social ontology."
Su Baiwei : Su Baiwei was born on 9 September 1990 in Guangxi, a southern province in China. Studied chinese painting and graduated from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. “I learn something about art in my life, and learnt something about life in my art.”
HanXiaoHan : is a modern musician and singer who has adopted northeastern Asian music elements in his works. His representative works are the serial Manchu shamanist musical of “The Manchu Epic Music : Shaman’s Ulabun & Ucun” some film composer and famous song:“The Monument of Youth” among others. He is so self-esteemed in his own artistic pursue and is a mature musician so he is going to keep on with his pursue in music forever.
3. Japan : Arai Shin-ichi,Sakiko Yamaoka,Megumi Shimizu,Yuzuru Maeda
About artist
ARAI Shin-Ichi : ARAI lives and works in Tokyo. He has a B.A. in Chinese Modern Literature from Metropolitan University of Tokyo under Mr.llKURA Shohei. Later he majored in printmaking (Intaglio/Copper printing) from 1981 to 1987 under ex Mr.YOSHIDA Katsuro (Mono-ha group).
He also began experimenting in sound, voice and language performance actions since 1982. As a Japan Overseas Cooperative Volunteer he taught at Nyumbaya Sanaa Art school in Zanzibar, Tanzania 1992-94 where he experienced various insights into the relationship between culture and politics in contemporary society. This led to his radical social-political performances today. In his raw and direct style, ARAI's body appears as a site of social tension presented with humor yet biting criticism. Often exposing the conservative and xenophobic cultural tendencies and contradictions in global and local situations. Besides performing regularly in Japan, ARAI has also presented his works internationally and especially in China such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Xian, Chengdu, Changchun, and Beijing.
Sakiko Yamaoka : Born 1961. Based in Tokyo. She studied oil painting in Musashino Art University in Tokyo. Started performance art in 1992, but not so much worked in the some years. Since 1997 she has took part with many performance art festivals/events in Asia and West/East Europe and North/South America, of course in Tokyo and Yokohama (Japan), too.
She defines that performance art have been site-specific "sculptures" depicting time and space/place, daily material and body action, in between various kind of relationship, based by the thoughts of “performance art” of that is a “destined” process approaching for undertaking a body as one place//node. Recent her works has been focused with more geometrical structure. She has worked for events, moving images, photographies and drawings also.
Megumi Shimizu : Born in Japan, 1971 Graduate of Kyoto Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Japanese painting, China academy of fine art, photography master course. Recently living in Beijing, China. As a performance artist, started from 2006, performed at festivals, galleries, museums. Mainly performed many cities around China. also performed for exhibition in Japan, Thailand and Korea. Also making installations and video, drawings. Residencies; Thailand and Korea
Yuzuru Maeda : born. 1978, Ogaki, Japan received her Music BA from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore in 2009 and currently lives in Singapore. Maeda has been making video-based music works. These are visual explorations extended from her practice as a contemporary musician. In her art projects Maeda uses the Japanese sub-culture to investigate the human conditions of identity, spiritual connections with cosmic energy in the universe and as a means to come to terms with one’s living environment.
4. Taiwan : Watan Wuma
5. Singapore : Jeremy Hiah, Kai Lam
About artist
Jeremy Hiah : Born 1972 been involved in the arts since 1993. My works are always based on the social system, where, how one lives in a society? After my studies in 1995 I had been practicing as an artist and had explored to different artists in different fields. I have since travel outside Singapore to do art and have been to countries Germany ,Italy,Austria for UNSECO Artists in Residency Vienna, Hong Kong Art Center,Voetnam contemporary art center,Indonesia ,Australia,SouthKorea,Thailand ,China for exhibition festival and artists in residency.
Kai Lam : Born in 1974 practices interdisciplinary art, the artist explore a diversity of mediums in which he combines them in his art process, the artist is versatile and prolific in skills of drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed-media installation (video & sounds), sonic art and performance art.
Organizing public art platforms is a crucial part of the artistic productions of Kai Lam, it is through such process that the artist learn and share with his art colleagues on presentations and connecting the public with art. As president of alternative art group, The Artists Village (Singapore), he initiated “Artists Investigating Monuments” (AIM), in 2000, presenting installations and performances in various public sites. AIM was later presented again in Singapore Art Museum, 2004 and Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and at HKW, Berlin, 2005. In 2003, He started to co-organize “Future Of Imagination”, an international performance art festival that showcase and focus on performance art practice. In 2009, He initiated “Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak” (R.I.T.E.S.) a platform to explore new ideas and in sonic art, time-based and performance art-related practices.
Since 1999, the artist had travelled to different countries in Asia,Europe and the USA to present and exhibit his works of art.
6. Thailand : Surapol Phanyawhachira, Vasan Sitthiket, Jittima Pholsawek,Sompong Tawee, Mongkol Plienbangchang, Vichukorn Tangpaiboon, Nopawan Sirivejkul
About artist
Surapol Phanyawachira : Born 1953 In Nakonratchasima ; One of the pioneer generation of action art in Thailand. Surapol has been active in avant-garde practice since early 70s, when he studied arts at Northeastern Region Technical College, in Nakonratchasima. started his art exhibition since 1974, in painting, sculpture, performance art, mix - media and digital art. He started to perform again in 1985 and continue to perform until today. “From all of that I’ve perform twenty-three solo performance, eleven dual, and nineteen group performances.”
Vasan Sitthiket : Born 1957 at Nakhonsawan, 1975-1981 study art at The college of Fine Art , Bangkok Artist and activist, works all media painting ,woodcut ,music,shadow puppet , video and live performance , content all about life and politic change ! He join with the farmer worker and people demonstration, organize artist groups Ukabat,Bangkok outsider ,artist network for democracy,artist network for peace and environment, and he organizes "Artist Party" in 2004 He do live art for dialogue with the audience about our situation and what can we do now talk ,rethink , and do action together as individual and network.
Title : “ We love Demoncrazy!..”
Title : “ We love Demoncrazy!..”
concept : I want to see all people do performance together
To choose the way out together from prison of bastard greedy power!
To reach the real freedom for destroy all oppress Government!
JittimaPholsawek: Born 1959 One of the Pioneer female Performance Artist. Jittima started to do Performance art since 1994, She’s writer, Poet and doing Art and She’s the Founder of Community Art Project making art in the area of environment issues and culture such as Mekong Basin Salaween River and U-Rak La woy. her works mainly about community rights, and that’s make her works more objective than subjective.
Concept : O, how fragile life is. So light. So easy to be blown away.
Yet the weight on our shoulders is so heavy.
sompong tawee : a poet and writer who is trying to incorporate poetry elements into performances. He is interested in sound, silence and emptiness.
He has published his poems more than 10 books and 5 books on his short stories, and 1 novel. He has read his poetry and performs in public more than 100 performances.
Concept: The sounds that we hear are really what we heard
Is the sounds only represents our understanding of sound,
Because such sound is common to all of us,
if not probably when the sound is very personal
Can we hear silence or is silence sound?
At Present: Think and try out about sound and silence.
VICHUKORN TANGPAIBOON : Since 1999 Vichukorn has been involved in various political art actions and activities in Thailand. His performances concern with the situation of humanity and its relationship with the political and socio – cultural issues in his country. He has presented his works at various international events in Thailand and other countries.
Nopawan Sirivejkul : Born 1968 Base in Bangkok. Nopawan is a Performance artist and Photographer who is heavily involved social movements in her home country. Her works always contain a mix of both life’s beauty and its horror, and often criticizes humanity’s violent and alienating impulses. She’s a Project manager of ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival. Her Photos had shown at many galleries such as Tadu Gallery, National Art Gallery in Thailand and Saku Art Gallery in Japan. As a performance artist she was invited to many international art festival such as in Poland, Germany, Canada, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China ,and Southeast Asia etc,.
Title : I’ll follow you into the dark
Concept : The definition of war are turning to a hundreds of meaning---
all we are the victim of lose -- stray and hopeless
sometimes life is like a wander walk into the deep hole
----- we cannot find the way out
we original Whitestone in the circle
days by days-----
MongkolPlienbangchang : Born 15 August 1965 Base in Bangkok Thailand. Started to do Performance Art 1995 before he’s painting, Published the Poetry book,
In 1995 Mongkol is the co-founder of U-Kabat group and the committee of ASIATOPIA International performance art festival. Since 2007 He establish the Art Exchange Project with Nopawan Sirivejkul ‘Blurborders @ MiniMoves’ works with the artists from Japan ,Singapore, Myanmar. During the 20 years of his performance art he had invited from the festival domestic and abroad. In 2013 He’s the Solo Exhibtion “The Performance Art” Photo Document & Objects at People Gallery ; Bangkok art & culture centre ,Bangkok
About his Performance Art ,Mongkol use his body and objects to transform in - between the chaos social – political attitude ,Poaching and interact. In and out of his mind
His Performance similarly the life poetry, As conditions vary in terms of time and space and spectacular decline......
Concept : Something Lose….
Something Happens…..

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Event Date: 28 October - 01 November 2015
Location: Studio, 4th floor
ASIATOPIA performance art festival founded in Bangkok in 1998, by a Thai performance artist. This year the artists from Quebec Canada Xi’an China Japan Taiwan Singapore and Thai will present the conceptual of the Art through under gradations of the World, Political violence – crisis of environment – Racism –and way of life. We lose and learn to live together on the harsh pain.

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