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Press Release - Sound of the Soul

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Press Release - Sound of the Soul

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Hear & Found, Supachai Ketkaroonkul, and DuckUnit

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Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

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Date : 19 July 2022 - 31 July 2022
Location: Studio on 4th floor

Scope and content

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre together with Hear & Found, Supachai Ketkaroonkul, and DuckUnit present Sound of the Soul, a sound art exhibition that explores dialects, sounds, and

cultural stories of marginalised ethnic groups in Thailand. This exhibition aims to reduce the space between β€˜us and them’ through the presentation of inequality that the ethnic groups

encountered and stories of their rich culture; building understanding and creating opportunities for local cultural knowledge transfer, in order to form an on-going conversation.

This sound art exhibition communicates through visual performance which combines elements gathered from the local living environment of multiple ethnic groups, such as: Karen, Tai Dam, Tai Ka-Leong, Pwo Karen, Lahu, Akha, Urak Lawoi, etc. It is aimed for the audience to build a connection and experience the diversity of ethnic groups in Thailand, as well as understand their local wisdom.
The exhibition is divided into 3 sections including:
1. Peel – Presenting the problems and consequences that arise from misconceptions about the ethnic groups which impacts their identities and lead to culture loss.
2. Resolve – Presenting the rich cultures of ethnics groups in Thailand through music, natural sounds, and voices speaking in local dialects; along with stories connected with music and sounds in the context of each region.
3. Knot – Presenting opportunities and possibilities that can be achieved when there is an understanding among people. When we understand each other, the wall between us becomes fictitious, and embracing differences can be more beneficial than we think.

Sound of the Soul is initiated from the intention to create a space for dialogue exchange. It is a platform for learning and disseminating the local culture of ethnic groups in Thailand, while also providing new opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Come and experience new sounds you may not have heard before and open up new perceptions through Sound of the Soul sound art exhibition at the Studio, 4th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. The exhibition is on display from Tuesday 19 – Sunday 31 July 2022, 10.00 – 19.00 hrs. with no admission fees

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Bangkok Art and Culture Centre


For more information: Arts Activity Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Tel: 02-214-6630 ext. 530

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Sound of the Soul


dialects, sounds, cultural stories, marginalised ethnic, local living environment

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