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The Monkey’s Wedding

Date : 04 November - 25 November 2017

Location: Number1Gallery 19Silom 21 Bangrak

Artist Rattana Khunkaew
Opening reception : Saturday4th November - 25th November 2017


The exhibition “The Monkey’s wedding” is the second individual exhibition with Number 1 Gallery with Rattana Khunkaew after the exhibition “The Monkey Show” in the year 2015. The artwork is the acrylic on canvas which tell stories of the society from his point of view by showing through the monkey show with our familiar phrase which is “ Life is a show ” The word implies the life in the society which has different roles in different scene of the society and perfectly hide the story behind the curtain just like the monkey show which meant to be the funny show for the laughter and happiness but behind that are the cruelty from human that threat them to play their roles and do their job. Humans are also threatened by the society to learn and polish their behavior to survive in the society. The Monkey’s Wedding is the exhibition that presents the script of the show Monkey’s wedding which is a scene where humans have their roles in a show. Many people were fighting for the roles in the show in this film, as seen that, love is the thing between 2 people but in the reality it's not. In the wedding scene there are many characters in it; activities before and after the wedding will be in many other scene to make the script of the monkey show goes in the same direction with the society. 
“The Monkey Wedding” is the Acrylic on canvas artwork that pick the story from the scene of the monkey’s wedding show that shows the stories before and after for instance the artwork finding the right time which shows the cultural beliefs of different people among the countries. This culture of finding the right time can show that the people are believing in the supernatural culture even more than the past. It can be said that weak people will find something to anchor their minds no matter how weird the rite is; they are definitely willing to do it and also inviting people nearby to do so in order to have the same believers. Rattana Khunkaew is the young artist graduated from the faculty of fine and applied arts from Silpakorn University.
He has a remarkable artwork and had joined in many exhibition and also received many awards from his artworks.
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