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The Lights of Faith

Date : 02 December - 31 December 2017

Location: Number1Gallery 19Silom 21 Bangrak

Artist EkasitRayubsang
Opening reception Saturday2ndDecember2017


The photograph of a man wearing a majestic military suit in the frame at 
the highest point where my mother hang it in the house. 
My mother told me that he is our beloved king and told me plenty stories about him and all the work that he did for his people.
That is how I begin my drawing career.
When the depressed day has arrived, the day that people of Thailand turns speechless and unable to explain in any words, me as an artist can only express my feeling through my artwork in the exhibition “The Lights of Faith” to be the representative of loyalty and faithfulness and to use all his teachings as a light that shines through and guide our lives.

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