Date : 04 December - 25 December 2014
Location: People's Gallery P1-P3, 2nd floor

By Somwong Tupparat

By Somwong Thapparat
Nature, does not only bring me freshness, but also makes me feel calm and content to the simplicity, especially to those various forms in the nature that arise in the mid of empty space. The presence of color and atmosphere in different times that follows the law of nature is the beauty that can help lighten up one’s mind.
The impression of nature from different perspectives has motivated me to look at its beauty and carefully consider it with my own imagination. I am interested in all substances in the nature that appear amidst space and time. They can be seen through nature phenomenon whether different time of a day or the changing seasons. Substances, both in nature and time, encounter and relate, and therefore cause endless changes which reflect on uncertainty and impermanence. Therefore I aim to look for true beauty in nature, time, and space.
This set of work is neither expressionist, impressionist nor realist. It focuses on the diminishing shades of color which is light, faded, and transparent like another dimension overlays between images and space. I intend to express personal imagination that comes from careful thought on all substances in the nature that are related to time and try to create the true and serene beauty secretly hiding in the nature, time and space. 



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