The Passage In My Mind

Date : 09 March - 07 April 2013
Location: People's Gallery, 2nd floor
By Artist Sirapat Deesawadee
Opening on Saturday 9th March 2012 at 6 p.m.

Everybody has a dream; and my dream is to see the beautiful world. This kind of dream might be the same dream as everyone dreamt of it. In reality, everything doesn’t have the same beauty as the beauty in the dream world for reality doesn’t have perfection.
As the matter of fact, the modern world seemed to move swiftly with changing and development. As a result, many creatures of the world could not adjust themselves and could not adapt themselves for that reason. The Earth itself has also encountered the inconsistency and the changing. Now, the whole world is in crisis as the whole public audience has perceived. The global warming catastrophe made rains come not according to their seasons and not in proportion. The whole world is now stumbling upon the problems of drought, famine, iceberg melting, high-sea levels, and flooding as well as air-pollution and etcetera.
This exhibition received an inspiration from my direct experience on a fire event and the toxic air in Chiangmai Township. The exhibition would present all of the stories through the Installation Art  that revealed the surreal and the virtual awareness as well as the recognition that the audience would be able to comprehend and to perceive as though they were in the real situation. The goal was to reflect the real occurrence that really happened nowadays.



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