INTERMUNDIA exhibition

Date : 17 November - 30 November 2018
Location: Curved Wall, 5th floor
Opening ceremony of the exhibition on 17 November 2018 at 18:00.

The exhibition INTERMUNDIA is supported and under auspices of the Czech Embassy in Bangkok. The exhibited images are part of the project Journey to ARTASIA and interested art fans can purchase them. By doing so you will help a good thing, because the proceeds from the sale of the installations will be dedicated to charity purposes in the form of material assistance to poor people and children affected by unexploded ammunition in Laos. The images can be purchased directly at the opening cermenony or throughout the exhibition, and picked up after its end at the Czech Embassy in Bangkok. 

During his journeys across Europe, the Czech visual artist Patrik Proško has travelled twenty five thousand kilometres and created nineteen large-scale realizations at unconventional locations set in the landscapes of eleven states ranging from Finland to Gibraltar. A selection of them, along with his newest site-specific objects documenting his techniques and ways of expression, was presented in the exhibition On the Edge of Reality in the Illusion Art Museum Prague in Czech republic. 

Unlike his last project, called The Crime Scene and realized in the well-known UFFO Gallery in Czech republic, this exhibition does not lack for visual records of Proško’s interventions originally combining contour painting with sculpting that he made on his latest and most demanding journey north, which included several mountain climbs, in summer 2017. 
During this journey he also created his most dangerous painting on a melting iceberg (Svartisen), as well as one of his largest realizations: the thirty-metre-wide rock art at the northernmost point of mainland Europe, the Norwergian Nordkapp. 

In his works, Patrik Proško, whose art is regularly featured on prestigious global portals such as the French Graffiti Art Magazine, or the English LSD Magazine (London Street-Art Design), draws attention to art in its “raw state” and spreads the knowledge that it can be around us everywhere. His thought process encoded into matter can also serve as a manual on how to deal with today’s intricately-organized world. Since Proško works exclusively with biodegradable paint, none of his realizations do actually exist anymore. 
Now is Proško on his bigest journey what he ever made in Asia called Journey to ArtAsia. He is travelling across the Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar and doing the land art projects in each country as well. His  project  Intermundia will be presented 17.11 – 30.11. 2018 in Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, where will be sellection of the works across the Europe and Asia.




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