Date : 01 August - 26 August 2018
Location: People’s Gallery 2 floor
By Waranyou Changpradit
People’sGallery P1, 2nd floor
Opening Ceremony on Saturday 4th 2018 August, 6 pm

Milestone, History, Tragedy were all engraved and regulated. These are what discriminate identity from our human kind, which are judged by the standard of majority. The abstract of virtue and evilness could be indicated with the concrete of the appearance, sexuality, taste, perspective, political view, doctrine, belief, along with religion.Aren’t all these just egos?

I myself began to question to procession, to the way we judge things that are different from what we are familiar with or even what we believe it to be lower than us from the eye of majority. Does it actually fair enough when the ruler of each person has an unequal standard from others.

As I had considered my own prideful ego, I found out that one’s identity truly caused by the identity of others. From the body which was given by the father and the mother who were extremely distinct from each other, to the perception which gradually grew in the specific environment has created me as who I am right now. It clearly shows that we all have the different pieces which are mixed altogether just like ‘Collage’. The strange form that keeps changing itself as the memory and personal perspective passes by.

The exhibition ‘#BORDERLAND’ or the border of myself is created in order to pass on the stories of life with the representation, the portrait of the characters, the ambiguity that cannot be reveal whether it is an angel, human, or just evil?



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