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Date : 23 March - 27 May 2018
Location: Main gallery, 8th Floor
Artist : Vasan Sitthiket
A contemporary art exhibition organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Opening ceremony on Thursday 22nd March 2018, at 18:30

Never not using his voice, Vasan Sitthiket believes that it is essential for artists to be socially constructive through their creativity and platform. For the past 40 years, he has dedicated his spirit to broadcast for the muted with his confrontational style of art. The artist’s crude and raw aesthetic represents the core truth that was rinsed from human tact, leaving only the basic instincts to expose the uncomfortable truth. Such directness then makes the art more inclusive as the language is simplified into something that the majority can understand.

Painting may be Vasan’s more dextrous medium but as an avid reader and writer, he often includes written words and poetry to his art, reiterating his idea of using art as a communicator.

I Am You is an exhibition which reflects the artists’s own deep rooted relationship with the Dharma. This unique interpretation of the Buddhist teaching is very telling of Vasan’s way of thinking as “I Am You” aims to link separated bodies into one and realise the effects each one has on one another thus making everyone responsible for the cycle of life. This exhibition will also be reintroducing Vasan Sitthiket to the public of this era as he has not stopped working since 1977. Vasan has stayed driven with his activist life as well as making art, making him one of Thailand most socially engaged artist active today with a firm place in the kingdom’s art history.

Guest Curator
Prof.Dr.Apinan Poshyananda
Adulaya Hoontrakul




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