Fable for Kids and Handicraft: The Preserved Box

Date : 27 May 2017
Location: Multi-function Room, 1st floor

Narrated by IdeaPlern
Time: 14.00 - 16.00 hrs.

Once upon a time, in the wasted land of the bald mountain, there is a little house where the three mole sibling has dwelled.  
There had been a mysterious pick up car drove passing by these moles’ house. And there was something fallen. 
The three mole siblings think that the box’s owner might be regret, so they decide to return this box to the owner 
and name it “The Preserved Box”. And the troublesome adventure of the three moles begins. If you would like to know what will happen next, please come and join our activities!!
Free Admission, No Reservation Required (only 80 sets of handicraft provided) 
Registration from 13.00 hrs. Showtime 14.00 hrs. 
Suitable for children from 3-10 years old.
Organized by BACC Art Library 
Further information, please contact 
Tel. 02 214 6630-8 ext. 126, 127



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