Fable for Kids and Handicraft: Whose camera is it?

Date : 22 April 2017
Location: Multi-function Room, 1st floor

Narrated by IdeaPlern
Time: 14.00 - 16.00 hrs. 

At the Best Camera Contest, among all the cameras; the amateur, the professional, the new model and the antique talk about their own photographs. The red teen camera blusters about his famous singer’s concert photos. The sweety pink camera chats about her expert birthday photography. The new model camera boasts himself as the modernist. Instead of camera with the zooming lens thinks that the best camera should essentially telling the story of nature like him. When the young camera has listened the cameras’ boastfulness, the young camera said he has never taken the photograph anywhere, except his house. Thus the young camera asks the senile camera who silently listened to the boastful cameras where did you take a picture? Find out what would happen next on the date and time mentioned above.
Free Admission, No Reservation Required (only 80 sets of handicraft provided) 
Registration from 13.00 hrs. Showtime 14.00 hrs. 
Suitable for children from 3-10 years
Organized by BACC Art Library 
For more information, please contact 
Tel. 02 214 6630-8 ext. 126, 127



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