Ensamble Modero Palu

Date : 07 September 2012
Location: Auditorium, 5th floor
Organized by The Kaili Institute of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia 

Ensemble Modero Palu proudly presents music and dance from the Kailinese ethnic group from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. This event marks the culmination of a series of seminars, workshops and performances to promote cultural exchange between Central Sulawesi and Thailand. The Perfomance will feature traditional and new compositions by the ensamble directed by Mohammad Amin Abdullah. Through music and dance, Ensamble Modero Palu provides a picture of how a society maintains its gong traditions while developing new works that reflect contemporary life among the Kailinese. This event is a cooperation between Kaili Institute of Central Sulawesi and Bangkok Art and Culture Center.



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