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The Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Job Opportunity for Writer and Content Editor
The Exhibition department of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is responsible for the initiation of thoughts and activities which aim to provide knowledge and understandingof art to the public audience. Our core work revolves around creating a communicative art content which is related to exhibition. In this regards, the Exhibition department is currently giving a job opportunity to writer and content editor whose responsibility is toedit art content that are used in press releases, exhibitions andpublications. The writer and editor works very closely to curators, graphic designers and translators on a project-based basis. The job description and responsibilities are as follow:

Job description and responsibilities
1. Edits exhibition content by working closely with curators. The writer needs to make sure that the content is adjusted in the way that is appropriately communicable to all levels of audiences while the concept of content remained intact.
2. Researches for related information, adds further explanation or validates the sources of the content. Makes sure that the resources are accurate.
3. Manages content by working closely with curators, graphic designer on writing/editing exhibition programs, press releases as well as other texts used in an exhibition (e.g. Wall text, label, content for guide/educational tour). All resources should align with the BACC’s standards.
4. Managesand organizes all writings, edits content and validates the content within a required timeframe.
5. Collaborates with translators from English language. The writer needs to review translations and make sure that the texts reflect the author’s original intention.

Job Requirements
1. Holds a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related field.
2. Expert in English language and have a high English proficiency. Possesses an ability to communicate ineffectively through editing, reviewing or writing. Able to make your communications understandable to all levels of audiences.
3. Holds a minimum of 3-to-5-year experience in writing andediting. Candidates with a direct experience as a writer for art and culture content, or have an English writing skills will be highly considered.
4. Demonstrates background knowledge on art or shows an interest to work on art. Have an open-minded attitude.
5. Careful with details inrelationto work.
6. Possess a basic communication skill and is team oriented.

**Working time and place are flexible and subject to the nature of each project. This is a project-based employment.

For more information or job application, send your CV, work experiences, your writing samples to the Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre: / Tel 02 214 6630 ext.531


Please contact Personnel Department, Bacc office

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