Bangkok Sculpture Center


Room 407, 4th floor

Eastern Spirituality
The Art Collection of SermkhunKunawong
Date: 2 October, 2016-4 February, 2017
Location: Bangkok Sculpture Center BACC branch on 4th Floor at Room 407
By Bangkok Sculpture Center 

“Eastern Spirituality” illustrates how artists create their works to reflect contemporary ways of living with faith and inspiration from Buddhism and the Eastern philosophy the Thais and people in the Eastern world still hold deep down in their hearts and the way of thinking. Paintings, printings, photographs, sculptural works and multi-media are more than 17 artworks. This presents creators’ experiences from the soul of the East. These artworks are the part in the collection of SermkhunKunawong and his two daughters which include more than 400 pieces of ancient and modern art.
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