bacc cinema - เทศกาลภาพยนตร์คัดสรร Cinema Diverse ครั้งที่ 3

Cinema Diverse series
June -- December 2012
Auditorium, 5th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (bacc), 5 -- 9 p.m.
By Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and FilmS Forum

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Activity Division in cooperation with Films Forum present Cinema Diverse; a programme showing films from various countries. Films selected have content regarding culture and society so with this selection, filmgoers can gain perspective and idea which is from a familiar environment. After each film shown, there will be a Q&A session with director, cast, and/or crew to acknowledge about the film as well as to share experience between the content provider and consumer.

Film schedule
Sunday 24 June 2012 - Colors of Passion (India with English subtitle)
Saturday 28 July 2012 - August Drizzle (Sri Lanka with English subtitle)
Saturday 20 October 2012 - Nino (Philippines with English subtitle)
Saturday 17 November 2012 - The Clay Bird (Bangladesh with English subtitle)
Saturday 15 December 2012 - Tears of the Black Tiger (Thai with English subtitle)

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